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We are a software consulting firm that specializes in full-cycle web application development. We service startups and small local businesses that are focused on technology. We utilize modern best development practices and provide our clients with the most effective tooling possible.



We offer two parallel services to our clients. Firstly, we provide technical solutions to high-tech startups and mid-sized companies. We offer complete software solutions, support of existing solutions, data migrations, feature implementation, iterative development, and training.

Secondly, we provide high-impact business consulting to startups and companies in emerging markets. In this parallel, we perform business analysis, find critical issues & discovery across all areas of business (core value proposition, operations, sales, marketing, and finance) to propose quick wins and elimination of bottlenecks - how a manageable amount of effort can make the most impact on the business's bottom line. Additionally, we provide recommendations on sorporate culture, processes, and tools.

Ruby on Rails

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Our preferred framework for rapid prototyping and non-real-time applications is Ruby on Rails. We use it for constructing APIs, providing backend for websites, generating static websites, and many other purposes.


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Node.js and Socket.js are our tools of choice for implementing real-time applications, event-driven applications, and some microservices. Node is generally our go-to technology for implementing websockets.

React.js, Materialize

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React.js is our preferred frontend technology. While we have extensive experience in Angular.js and Backbone.js, in 2017 we feel that the winner for starting new frontend projects is react.js. We still support existing codebases written in Angular.js and Backbone.js, however.

MVP Prototyping

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We specialize in MVP prototyping. We will iteratively develop an application for you that will prove (or disprove) your business concept in minimal time and budget. Once you have that, you can decide to pivot or continue iterating on that idea. We do this initial critical step for you.

UI/UX Prototyping

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We offer iterative work on UI/UX to match your spec. You have an idea, you need visuals for it, talk to us and we'll build the visuals for you.

Devops & Automation

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We provide maintainable deployment/automation schemes that make it easy for you to keep the codebase live. Additionally, we solve specific questions regarding performance, resilience, and scaling of applications.

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Meet Our Team

We are a distributed, agile development team. We operate in several major US cities: San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City. We reach out to our network of professionals if a project requires some specific expertise that we don't possess in-house, or if the quantity of work demands so.

Local teams work with local clients, so a client in Chicago will talk to our Chicago engineers.

Victor Pudeyev


San Francisco Bay Area

A full-stack engineer focusing on Ruby on Rails, Javascript, devops, and web application development for startups and agile teams.

Oleg Pudeyev


New York City

Full stack engineer and tech lead with 12 years of Web development experience with a focus on Ruby on Rails applications. Experienced in hands-on development, design and architecture, technical leadership, mentoring, project management and planning. My objective is to write code that is beautiful, maintainable and delights customers when it is deployed.

Theresa Campbel



Graphics Designer and Programmmer who's inspired by nature and pets

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