Monthly Product Meetings start in January 2023


Hello everyone! We’re finally starting the monthly product meeting. You can get the tickets to attend by following this link: This time the meeting is on the 19th, and going forward it will be on the first sunday after 15th of each month.  

A Gentle, Minimalist intro to Machine Learning

ML is taking the world over by storm in 2023. Here is an easy-to follow tutorial in pure python that explains the basics.

Hello everybody! Recently, I’ve been spending non-trivial amounts of time on the fascinating subject of artificial intelligence. It’s come a long way! With the release of Midjourney and ChatGPT, among other products, 2023 looks to be extremely promising, even revolutionary. I’d like to recommend the following tutorial: It is simple, sufficiently detailed, does not… Continue reading A Gentle, Minimalist intro to Machine Learning