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I have 112 video files, 30Gb of video recorded at the Carnaval de Barranquilla 2023. I used one gopro and a cellphone. I’d like to edit this material into 11-minute pieces, to be published on youtube and other platforms. I’m looking for someone to go over the videos and edit them (trim, maybe replace some audio tracks with more continuous music, maybe add transitions, and overall make ’em pretty).

Since these videos are about a festival, I’m expecting youtube to remove sound due to copyright. Depending on what youtube does, I may need to re-edit them to put permitted songs of the same genre (mostly champeta, cumbia, reggaeton) over the parts of the footage that trigger youtube’s copyright algo.

Please reply with a link to your portfolio / online presence / examples of work, and answer the following question in the first sentence: what’s 19/5+6? Providing the answer will insure that your submission will be considered.

Please submit your application consisting of a cover letter, and link(s) to a portfolio, to 

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to reading your submission.

By Victor Pudeyev

A technical lead and business developer residing in Austin, TX. I specialize in systems built with ruby, javascript and solidity.


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